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The Preschool Curriculum Manual - by rebecca Sherry Glennon
Here at your fingertips is a wealth of project ideas that you will refer to for years to come.
You will discover:
what a good curriculum consists of
how to implement and record it
how to expand what you already have in place
how to ensure the children in your care are learning to the best of their ability in a safe, fun and inviting environment
How to recharge your enthusiasm for working with young children
the tools to make your preschool the best it can possibly be
All of this presented in an easy to use ring binder format with 100’s of pages including activities ranging from textures to planets to numeracy, literacy crafts and many more
Does your curriculum need an energy boost?

No two facilities will have the same curriculum; that is not the aim of the “The Preschool Curriculum Manual”. It is a valuable tool to enable you to put in place your own curriculum from a broad range of ideas and projects, all of which have been well thought out and thoroughly tested and put into day to day use with the children who have been in my care over the years.

Each project includes space for your own notes so that you can adapt it as you go to suit your particular needs and those of the children in your care.

A well balanced curriculum must ensure a balance between child led learning and adult initiated learning. It need not be overly detailed as long as it adheres to the basic principles of the children and their learning.

It should be tailored to the ethos of your facility and should leave room for the emerging interests of the children as the progress through the year. Once you ensure all principles of early learning are covered it can be as simple or as broad ranging as you wish.

“The Preschool Curriculum Manual” will help you achieve the best your service can be.


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In order to comply with Aistear and Síolta, observations must be part of every preschool’s curriculum. Finding a method of observation that is easy, non time consuming but also fulfills every criteria is a problem for a lot of early years workers.

Here is the solution - The Observation Toolkit

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About the Author - Rebecca Sherry Glennon
About This Manual
View some Sample Pages
About the Author - Rebecca Sherry Glennon
About This Manual
View some Sample Pages

Government Guidelines

Government Guidelines have a detailed set of principles upon which we must build and enhance the work we do with young children in every childcare setting. These principles aim to provide every child with an holistic, diverse, thorough, age appropriate and, above all, enjoyable early learning experience.

The Preschool Curriculum Manual guides you to activities which cover the specific areas of learning and development within these principles.This will enable you to tailor your curriculum to ensure it is working within the standard guidelines.

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